Aloe and Olive oil Massage Soap Bar


Massage soap bars have so many benefits. The main use for our massage soap bars is relieving tension in tired and achey muscles however, there are so many more benefits. Massage soap bars help to lift pore clogging oils and toxins from the skin as well as stimulating circulation. Over time it is known for the bars to also help reduce and fight cellulite as well as making the skin tighter/firmer.

How amazing is that for just one product.

How to use-

Slowly massage your skin and the affected area in circular motions with the nodule side whilst in the bath/shower and feel the tension relieve. What is great about our massage soap bars is not only will they help with your tense and achey muscles
but will also clean you too. The lather of the soap will release a beautiful scent making your body smell fabulous.
You really will feel amazing after using one of our massage soap bars. Your skin will feel so soft and moisturised after use and your body will feel relaxed.

If you love a good massage or suffer with tense,tired,achey and overworked muscles then this product is perfect for you and is a great way to relax after a long day or after exercise.

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