Relaxing Lavender Mini Shower Steamers


Lavender Shower Steamers are made with tranquil and soothing Pure Lavender Essential Oils. This aromatherapy steamer is very relaxing and helps you to unwind so you can get a night of better sleep.

Ingredients: This product is handmade with organic dried Lavender flowers , vegan, cruelty-free, all-natural, organic, paraben-free, and made in small batches.

Listing is for 1 jar which contains 12 shower steamers and a FREE white mesh shower bag. Size: 0.5"x0.7" | 0.4-0.5 oz per steamer. They're adorably mini!

How To Use-
•Before use, let warm water run for several minutes to moisturize the air.
•It’s best to place the shower steamers away from running water and the drain.
•Breathe in deeply as the essential oils vaporize into the air.

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