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Carmel Cheesecake Cookies Car Diffuser Refill

Carmel Cheesecake Cookies Car Diffuser Refill

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Upgrade your daily commute with the 'Carmel Cheesecake Cookies Diffuser Refill Fragrance Freshener Aroma Scent Scented'. This 10 ml capacity refill is the perfect solution for anyone who seeks a pleasant scent while driving. Infused with our #1 scent, Caramel Cheesecake Cookie Fragrance Oil, it's a perfect blend of smooth and creamy cheesecake and delectable sweet caramel that may even make you hungry.

The 'Carmel Cheesecake Cookies Diffuser Refill' is easy to use, long-lasting and comes with a new wooden lid, new wooden bead & clear stopper -instruction card. Simply add some drops of your preferred fragrance to the diffuser and enjoy an energizing aroma that will keep you focused during long drives.

This refill's compact size conveniently refills 1 of your Car Diffusers.

Upgrade your daily commute with this Car Diffuser Refill infused with aromatherapy benefits while on-the-go!

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