Ice Storm scented Car Diffuser


Introducing the Ice Storm scented Car Diffuser. Our dupe for Dark Ice, perfect for adding a touch of masculinity to your car interior. The deep fragrance aroma features bright citrus and sweet jasmine, complemented by woodsy musk and background notes of lemon-lime and ambergris. The scent is reminiscent of classic air freshener trees that emit a refreshing aroma while driving. This car diffuser is easy to use and will keep your car smelling fresh for weeks.

Key Features:
- Deep masculine fragrance with bright citrus, sweet jasmine, woodsy musk scents
- Background notes of lemon-lime and ambergris
- Reminiscent of classic air freshener trees
- Easy to use car diffuser that lasts up to 2 months
- Phthalate-free

Comes with an instruction card 

Transform your daily commute into a refreshing experience with the Ice Storm scented Car Diffuser. The long-lasting scent will keep you relaxed during those long drives while adding an element of sophistication to your vehicle's interior decor.

Incorporated Product Attribute:
- Long-lasting fragrance that lasts up to 2 months

This high-quality diffuser is perfect as a gift or personal item. Try it out today!
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