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Oxygen Boosting  Bathroom Toilet Cleaner Tabs

Oxygen Boosting Bathroom Toilet Cleaner Tabs

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Contains 8 Large Cleaner Tabs in a Drawstring Muslin Bag

Stop arguing over who's going to be the one to clean the porcelain throne and get yourself a bag of our natural cleaning toilet bombs! Packed full of vegan-friendly ingredients that are known to effectively kill germs, stomp out bad orders and eliminate staining. These toilet bombs do an impressive job of cleaning the bowl of your commode without the need for scrubbing and without emitting harmful vapors from toxic chemicals.

The natural toilet bombs don't only remove stains and mask odors, they completely remove them. While they alleviate foul odors and destroy germs, our chemical-free toilet cleaner bombs have also been formulated to fill your restroom with a beautiful scent. They are incredibly easy to use and they get to work in just a few seconds!!