Palo Santo scented Car Diffuser


Transform your car into a relaxing oasis with the Palo Santo scented Car Diffuser.
A woody, earthy fragrance highlighted by a blend of warm spice, cedar, and lemon leaf with hints of smokey incense.
Top notes: Cedarwood, Amber
Middle notes: Pine, Smoke, Earth
Base notes: Lemon Leaf, Cashmere, Incense Spice

Key Features:
- Infuses the air with a calming Palo Santo scent
- Attaches easily to any car vent
- Long-lasting fragrance for a stress-free drive
- Comes with an instruction card


This Home Fragrance product is perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while on-the-go. The natural scent of Palo Santo can help ease anxiety and create a peaceful atmosphere in your car.

Simply providing you with long-lasting fragrance that will make your driving experience more enjoyable.

At Home or on-the-go, this is an essential Home Care Supply item that will help you create an inviting atmosphere wherever you are. Get yours today!

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